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Below is a chart and a paragraph description of our pro​cess for your review.

The WSC Process

Below are the four main phases of our work :

Phase I

Charge ​

Phase I begins with the Initial meeting with the HOS to understand the issues, frame up the work, set initial expectations and determine the goals of the project.

Phase II


Depending on the nature of the work, the visit with staff or parents or other stakeholders may occur.  This is simply a fact finding and friendly visit to gather information and talk with folk as information is gathered and  challenges are studied.

Phase III


the third phase includes ​ follow-up conversations and meetings with the HOS for debrief, discussion and possible further assignment to help implement solutions with various teams and departments. A Report of Findings is discussed at this point.

Phase IV


This final phase is the most important one as it concerns the optional followup visit with staff for the implementation of solutions and suggestions for teams and departments seeking excellence in operations and stronger outcomes. This phase would operate from an optional second report, The Report of  Recommendations. 

A word on process regarding current systems improvement  work...

The WSC process begins by meeting with the Head of School who will frame up and direct the focus of the work, "The Charge", followed by, the "look" which may occur for a given department during a "visit" to study and observe and have discussions with staff. Regarding current operations-improvement issues, the study of systems and processes along with Q&A and discussions with staff in a welcoming and non-threatening fashion will help WSC understand the current processes as new possibilities and strategies are studied. We want departments to embrace our "advice" and work with us as we look for better ways of approaching and doing w​ork together. WSC will focus on the teamwork aspect of our visits with departments as each new project begins. We welcome input from all staff involved.  

After the "visit" a "report of findings" will be shared during a follow-up meeting with the HOS. Based on the findings and the decisions of the HOS, work may continue with WSC and departments/teams to collaborate on a shared vision and goals and specific steps and actions that can be implemented for issues to help move the department past challenges successfully and toward better, stronger, more positive outcomes. If the HOS so decides, a new report focusing on solutions and new work methods will be produced - a 

Report of Recommendations. 

Even when processes seem smooth there is often room for improvement and often new ways of working can be explored and vetted and then successfully implemented.

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