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Whetstone School Consulting is a Chattanooga based school consulting service dedicated to assisting both schools in their quest for excellence and success. Founded with this simple but crucial mission in focus, WSC is currently serving schools in and around the southeast U.S. including the areas of, Tennessee and the metro areas of Nashville, Knoxville, Atlanta, Birmingham, Huntsville and Asheville.

With almost 30 years experience working in the private school scene of Chattanooga, William Newberry has seen the changes and challenges of the private school market firsthand. Having worked with thousands of families over his 30 years and having visited and worked with hundreds of schools across the southeast in recent years, his knowledge is well-honed and current for sharing best practices. Previously serving on the administrative staffs of McCallie, then Baylor, William has a strong history of work experience to help schools find smart, creative ways to seek excellence within their school communities.

About William-

Growing up in Chattanooga and having attended public, parochial and private schools, William's background is well experienced in the super-diverse school environment of southeast Tennessee. After graduating McCallie School in the 80's he attended college in middle Tennessee and remained in the corporate scene of Nashville until returning to his alma mater in the early 90's to take on the role of Director of Day Admissions. Working with great, private school, leadership minds such as Spencer McCallie, Mel Cooper and Steve Hearn for many of his years at McCallie, his experience and understanding of the private school world was enriched and inspired in a way that few can be lucky enough to claim. Later serving on the highly-acclaimed and talented team of Scott Wilson and Dallas Joseph at Baylor School, his knowledge and experience was truly impacted and inspired yet again with two of the top-rated leaders in the business. His degree in Business Administration has been amazingly enhanced by his powerful and blessed experiences from these wonderful leaders. Through the course of his work over the past years he has worked with numerous schools and educational consultants including having served on task forces designing national, admission tests at the request of the Educational Records Bureau in New York City. For years now, schools have sought his assistance with systems, processes and programs.

Now, he works for the community of private schools as an educational consultant who can help empower, inspire and enhance schools and their people. His ability to read schools, their markets, their challenges, their needs and then think creatively and powerfully to then offer new ideas and approaches is an often sought skill that many schools desire. William is a great champion of private school benefits and outcomes and of the important, overall, value proposition private schools offer to families. He has a history of supporting all education locally - public, private and charter.

In closing, he loves to talk with parents about their children and the excitement of the life just ahead of them. His passion lies in helping parents think about these important, educational decisions, and in helping schools attract these families and in helping schools to prepare for their arrival. 

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